Capitalizing on Creativity at Work

1 Aug

I believe a lot of managers have been exposed to the need for change in a lot of workplaces in the last decade. My interest in the field of creativity and innovation goes back to the beginning of 2003 and I have since tried to figure out what makes creativity so important. After getting to […]

Finding work that you love…

3 May

Check out what Roman Krznaric think is important. Taking the plunge and changing work can be a challenge most people refuse to even consider. I am not saying a few tips on internet helps but it can add to a working process if you are dissatisfied about what you do from for work. Check out […]

Why capitalism?

7 Feb

Why? The financial market is still going through a hard time. The Euro zone is struggeling, the US market has been in recession and Asia is changeing it’s view on western capitalism. To understand the mechanism of capital I can truley recommend this book. As an entrepreneur I believe capital is the most important resource for […]

How to stay sane

19 Jan

It’s not a joke. You read school of life and you start to wonder if it’s worth even taking a look. Well, it is! Philippa has written an informative and good book about how to adjust your mental balance. She gives some good excersices on how to deal with your own mental health in everyday […]

Worth reading on a permanent basis

12 Oct

For gaining insight there’s a wealth of books and magazines you can read on weekly or monthly basis. During years of consulting I’ve found that The Economist will give you the best overview of what’s going on in the world if you are interested in politics, business or society. Very few single magazines national or […]

Purpel cow

4 Oct

Transform your business by being remarkable!!! In purple cow, Seth Godin urges everyone involved in creating, designing or selling to think in new ways about their market. By adopting alternative approaches to your business, you and your company will survive to innovate another day. It sounds like a good idea, indeed! I argue that being […]