Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the consulting business. I am a person with special interest in leadership and change. The past few years I have had the opportunity to experience public sector and in particular the municipality level. Kudos to all those who stand tall delivering services based on wicked problems in municipalities.

I have always shown an interest in exploring  and so Xplunge is a good name for breaking the surface. I’ve learned that my contribution to a world with billions of books, people, ideas and knowledge is minimal but still; sharing is always a multiplier.

I post and write about stuff that I feel is  helpfull to be able to take the plunge. It’s of course impossible to pick what’s right and wrong from the huge information stack called the world but I truly believe that Xplunge can make a difference when it comes to sharing an interesting book or article.

Seeing things from more than one side is always useful and in many ways necessary to be able to take a leap forward. Therefore I sometimes take the time to reflect on what I read, comment on it, and then post it for others to see and read.

Xplunge has existed since 2011 and is an idea picked up early in the 90s when I was studying and working in NY, USA. Since then I’ve accomplished to finish a couple of Master degrees as well as tonns of usefull experience that I happily share with others – eXperience plunge.