I am a person with special interest in leadership and innovation. What makes us create and change how the world use and experience new ideas, products and so forth? Xplunge is my noteboard and a contribution to a world with billions of books, people, ideas and knowledge that can help me and others to take a plunge.

I post and write about stuff that I feel is  helpfull to be able to take the plunge. It’s of course impossible to pick what’s right and wrong from the huge information stack called the world but I truly believe that Xplunge can make a difference for someone.

Seeing things from more than one side is always useful and in many ways necessary to be able to take a leap forward. Therefore I sometimes take the time to reflect on what I read, comment on it, and then post it for others to see and read.

Enjoy my noteboard and please comment. Small bibliography you can find here. Xplunge exists since 2011 – eXperience plunge.