Erik’s Crypto


Technology has always been a major part of my professional life. In 2022 I began to look into the crypto space mainly for educational reasons. I’ve been part of both 1st and 2nd generation internet and to get exposed to the new-age digital world through crypto has given me the opportunity to use this for more conventional business ideas. I’ve tried to find the best way to learn and ended up getting involved in Uniglo, a social currency with a lot of potensial to challenge the high volatility in todays crypto market.

In addition to this I do some long term savings in tech projects that will increase my learning in new-age digital development.

The crypto space has really opened my eyes to new business ideas but also the fact that it’s serious actors really have a mission to make the world better with new and better technology. The crypto space certainly have a lot of scammers and unserious actors and a lot of the projects are just beta but I truly believe it’s a game changer inn all business.


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